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About us... donatelli design

In today's fast paced and ever changing world, it seems that so much in regards to tradition and culture is being lost in order to make way for the "NEW" and of course, the "IMPROVED". Materialism is taking hold and culture having to take a back seat because of it.

The idea of taking two steps back and searching oneself for truth is exactly the same philosophy we instill when creating a client's dream home or working place or our very own unique residencies. It is our belief that the clients we work for must truly feel free and comfortable in their environment and hope that you feel the same when deciding to spend time with us, regardless of the length, whether it be 1 night or several weeks.

When excellence alone just isn't enough

"donatelli design" was founded in the 1960's by Antonio Donatelli. The design studio's reason for being back then, and still to this day, was to conserve the old in a modern manner, never comprimising its original state. Home restorations in the Abruzzo region as well as nationally, became the order of the day and then interior decor added to the pallete.

A short reference list of establishments whose decore have been entrusted to donatelli design are:

-The headquarters of Italia '90 in Naples: "Castell' dell'Ovo"
-The main regional offices of the Valle d'Aosta
-"Ottiliu" Village in Sardinia
-Valle Reale vineyard estate residence and sales point in Popoli
-"Grande Albergo" in Roccaraso
...and many more

More information on donatelli design may be found on the web site. Please click here.