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La casetta di Vico Breve

Residence currently under construction. Scheduled opening mid December 2007. We are now accepting reservations.

<< Photographs of "work in progress" on the left.

When Antonio Donatelli purchased this 3 story house with awkward demensions 2,70 m. wide x 8,90 m. deep, in the center of Sulmona, many people laughed and regarded the investment as a surefire waste of money.

Only months later, less people are laughing due to the realisation that a bit of ingenuity and creativity can take you a long way, even when the challenge seems (next to) impossible. The result is "La casetta di Vico Breve".

The "casetta" is equipped with three (3) rooms, and each room occupying a whole floor. The rooms are all equipped with a full bath (with shower), kitchenette and a television.

Sometimes it helps to think big

Some of the wonderful and unique highlights implemented in this house is a "quasi" dumbwaiter which instead of transporting food and drink from a restaurant kitchen to the dining room, is there to transport baggage and shopping articles up to your room rather than having to lug them within the narrow stairwell. (One of the areas in the house, where Antonio Donatelli decided to save space therefore enlarging the rooms.)

Each room has its own large locker on the first floor (in the entrance hall) in which visitors can leave things which may just take up space in their room, or are just too heavy to take up. For example, a case of wine can be stored here and just be loaded up into the car when leaving. Not only does every room have its own locker but also a pair of bicycles if you wish to discover Sulmona and its surroundings in an active manner.

For more information, please feel free to contact us at any time.